Frequently asked questions - GRD Waste Services

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Email or contact our office to alert the problem. All accounts are itemised and dated ensuring accuracy and a paper trail if any unforeseen event or error should occur. We always try to adjudicate in the clients favour.

Because we have to outlay a lot of costs in the process of emptying one bin and it is too time consuming and costly to bill every individual pick up. So we group the pick ups into three or four months and bill every quarter or four months. This is how we can keep the cost to you lower. Multiple bin and weekly collection service clientele are billed monthly in keeping with standard business practise.

All general waste including putrescible, office and factory waste and debris, household garbage, property maintenance cleanup waste, coffee shop and restaurant and take away restaurant refuse and waste of all descriptions.

As with most things common sense applies. No asbestos, engine oil, liquid paint, fuels of any description, gas bottles, batteries, hazardous materials, chemicals, poisons, ammunition, bricks, rocks, concrete, sand, soil.

Contact the office and we will replace the bin however if it occurs a second time a replacement bin will be charged at $70 second hand bin.

Contact our office and we will arrange a replacement bin or to fix the lid, wheels or axle.

Our machine will lift most heavy bins. Our rule of thumb is if the bin can be safely wheeled by you then it will be ok. If the bin is excessively dangerously heavy with prohibited materials such as bricks, rocks, concrete, sand, soil, dirt, engines, lumps of steel, etc you will receive a polite note explaining the problem and requesting that the excessive weight be removed or an alternative arrangement made.

Send in email requesting the change allowing 3-5 days response time and keeping the change in line with your billing cycle.

Our payment collection procedures are very fair and courteous. You will receive reminders. If these are ignored a late payment fee will be incurred.

A member of the GRD team will contact you by phone or sms to arrange an alternative pick up day.

Yes ( a few times a year is ok but otherwise client should organise a  lower collection frequency cycle.)


Ring the office or mobile phone immediately and GRD will arrange a return trip.

Ring the office or mobile phone provided  immediately by 6 pm on the day or early the day following. GRD will arrange a credit or return trip to empty the bin.